It is with tremendous frustration that we have to contact parents/carers to inform them that school will not be open to Y10 pupils tomorrow (11/12/20).

This incident is not Covid-19 related. This afternoon the boiler which serves the Y10 classroom bubble broke and cannot be fixed in there short term. We have made arrangements for heaters to be made available for every classroom and workspace but unfortunately these will not be in-place until Monday (14/12/20).

Due to current Covid-19 safety recommendations all classrooms are required to have doors and windows open to provide good ventilation this only serves to worsen the current situation we find ourselves in.

Ultimately as much as we would like to simply move classes about and make do for one day, it is simply not possible in this instance.

The health and safety of pupils is always at the forefront of all we do. Whilst frustrating, this one day closure is unavoidable.

All Y10 teaching staff will be providing lessons following pupils normal Friday timetable. All work will be accessible via Microsoft Teams and will be covering the current lesson content.

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