Catering Service

The catering service at McAuley is contracted to Aspens Services Ltd.

Aspens are one of the sector leaders in providing high quality, nutritional meals in the school environment. They do so whilst maintaining value for money.
Please find below the latest menu offered.

Cashless Payment System

The service operates on a Cashless Payment system which

  • facilitates a more efficient, faster and, ultimately, a better quality of service to students
  • reduces the amount of cash that students are required to carry in school each day
  • ensures students who access free school meals are treated fairly and equitably
  • provides greater transparency for parents on their child's use of lunch money

Students who receive free school meals automatically have a daily credit added to their account to enable them to purchase a 2-course meal. You can check if you are eligible to claim free school meals by visiting the Doncaster Council website.

There are two methods that you can use to pay for school meals:

1. Online payments via our SchoolGateway – this is the preferred method that removes the need for students to bring cash to school

  • Visit or use the link from the school's homepage and log in
  • If you have not used this site before, you will need to sign up as a NEW USER
  • You may find it helpful to download the SchoolGateway app that allows you to make payments from your mobile phone
  • Click on the LUNCH MONEY link – you can view your child's current balance and top up their account from here
  • Payment can be made by debit card but, or using our preferred bank transfer payment method
  • It is important to note that a charge is incurred by the school for every top up payment made
  • To enable us to continue to offer this service without passing on this charge, it is important that as many parents/carers as are able use the bank transfer/faster payment method and not debit card payments which incur higher charges. For this reason it is also necessary to request a minimum payment of £15 which we will review at the end July and seek your thoughts and feedback on.

2. Coin and note payments using in-school pay-points

  • There is a pay-point on each site that students can access before school and at morning break
  • Notes (£20, £10 and £5 denominations) and coins (1p & 2p coins are not accepted) can be uploaded directly to the student's account.
  • Please note that change cannot be dispensed by this machine.

A daily spend limit of £5 is automatically set for all students. Parents and carers may request a higher or lower limit by emailing a request to the school

If you have any questions regarding the cashless catering system, please use the CONTACT US form on the school website.

The service operates on a Cashless Payment system which

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