Welcome to the Maths KS5 transition page. I am truly delighted that you have chosen to take the A Level Maths course. You are at the beginning of an exciting 2 year journey and we are here to support you every step of the way. Being successful on this course will statistically improve your future academic, financial and employability chances.

Here you will find excellent transition resources to work on over the summer of 2021, ready for the September start as well as outstanding "taster session videos" by Mr Hayes. You will also see lots of helpful information about what equipment is required for the course including which A Level Maths calculator(s) we highly recommend you purchasing ASAP.

A Level Maths "taster sessions": Mr Hayes modelling Mechanics practicals

Please watch the videos in the playlist below. Each video will autoplay onto the next. To view videos seperately click on the playlist icon playlist icon.

If you require subtitles enable them by clicking on the CC icon enable caption icon youtube.


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